Arkon CM926 14 Inch Windshield Swivel PDA Mount

Arkon CM926 14 Inch Windshield Swivel PDA Mount

14" pedestal with the new "side-grip" Universal PDA cradle.

The new "side-grip" universal PDA cradle and a windshield pedestal that, at approximately 14" in length, is the longer of our two windshield mounts (See CM620 for the shorter pedestal). For best results, we suggest resting the pedestal on the dash of the vehicle and using the alcohol prep pad provided to clean the surface of the windshield.

New SIDE GRIP universal PDA Mount. The SIDE GRIP PDA mount cradle works with all of the Pocket PC's and Palm devices including those by Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Casio, Toshiba, NEC, Sony, Sagem, Handspring, Palm, Audiovox, Toshiba, UR There, and more. The cradle features two fully adjustable support legs that can accommodate off-centered serial ports. Your PDA will be held securely in place by the soft cushioned jaws on the cradle. When you want to release your PDA from the cradle, simply press the push button release. It could not be easier!

      Key Features:

    Tested to fit the:
  • iPAQ - All Model Pocket PC
  • Audiovox Pocket PC
  • Casio Cassiopeia Pocket PC
  • Fujitsu Siemens LOOX Pocket PC
  • Handera - All Model Pocket PC
  • Handspring - All Model Pocket PC
  • Treo - All Model Pocket PC
  • Palm Visor - All Model Pocket PC
  • HP Jornada Pocket PC
  • Kyocera Smartphone
  • NEC MobilePro P300 Pocket PC
  • Palm - All Models Pocket PC
  • Sagem WA 3050
  • Sony Clie - S300, S320, S360, T415, T615, N610, N710, N760, NR-70, NR-70V, PEG-N710C
  • Siemens SX45i GPRS Wireless Pocket PC, SX45 GSM Pocket PC
  • Trium Mondo
  • Toshiba Pocket PC
  • UR There @migo Pocket PC
  • Motorola Q
  • and many more
Arkon CM926 14 Inch Windshield Swivel PDA Mount
Price: $19.95