Arkon SM223 SmartPhone Mount - Universal 5 Inch Cup Holder

Arkon SM223 SmartPhone Mount - Universal 5 Inch Cup Holder
Price: $14.96
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Car mount for most cell phones including the Motorola Razr.

Arkon's mobile phone car mounts and cell phone mounting brackets are high quality supports for your wireless cell phone. The Arkon phone mounts allow you to use your phone's hands free function in a truly hands free manner.  All of the solutions below feature Arkon's Gripmatic cradle that featuers side grip arms and a push button release mechanism. The only difference is the pedestal that is used in the solution. Arkon offers the widest selection of mounting options. The top sellers include the windshield suction mount, cup holder mount, air-vent mount, and the flexible steel gooseneck mount. There's even a mounting solution for your bicycle. Choose from the selection below.
Cell Phone Car Mounting Solution
Features the universal Cell Phone cradle bundled with the cup holder mounting pedestal.

The SM223 cup holder Cell Phone mount installs easily to your car’s cup holder opening and is compatible with most standard cup holder openings. This solution is not compatible with oversize cup holders and adjustable-type cup holders.