Arkon CM032-ST-AMPS Bicycle Mount Pedestal

Arkon CM032-ST-AMPS Bicycle Mount Pedestal
Price: $11.95
Arkon offers a variety of aftermarket pedestals compatible with the 4-hole AMPS pattern. The 4-Hole AMPS pattern is an industry standard used by many suppliers. As such, Arkon's 4-Hole AMPS pedestals are compatible with a wide range of cradles offered by other manufacturers. ST-AMPS and AMPS extensions at the end of the model number designate the 4-Hole AMPS pedestals.

NOTE: There are usually two components to a mounting solution, the PEDESTAL and the CRADLE. If your device or cradle does not feature the 4-Hole AMPS pattern, then the 4-Hole AMPS pedestals are not a complete solution.
  • Designed for use with bicycles
  • Installs easily without tools
  • Compatible with handlebars from 0.75" to 1" in diameter
  • Can be used on helicopter yokes, too
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