Arkon SR047-S Sat-Mount Pedestal - Swivel Vent Mount for XM / Sirius Satellite

Arkon SR047-S Sat-Mount Pedestal - Swivel Vent Mount for XM / Sirius Satellite
Price: $9.95
Arkon Sat-Mount™ solutions are car mounts and holders for XM and Sirius satellite radio receivers.  The XM mounts / holders provide satellite radio users with sensible and convenient alternatives for placement of their satellite radio receiver in the car or vehicle.  Arkon offers more satellite radio mounts for XM and Sirius than any other company.  For XM radio users, the Arkon Sat-Mount holders could not be any better.  All the Arkon satellite radio XM mounts feature the T-slot adapter that connects directly into the back of the XM radio receivers.  For those with Sirius satellite radio or other portable satellite radio receivers, a special adapter plate that converts the T-slot to the universal 4-hole pattern is included.

The Arkon XM mounts and holders are compatible with Delphi XM SKYFi™ & SKYFi2™, Delphi XM Roady™ & Roady2™, Delphi MyFi™ XM2go™ , Pioneer and Tao MyFi™ XM2go™, Sirius Sportster, Brix Streamer System SIR-STRPNP1, Jensen CK100SR, Orbiter SR4000, and Clarion Plug and Play Satellite Radio Mount Receivers.
360° Swivel Vent Mount Pedestal
XM Mount / Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver Holder
This new 360° Swivel Vent Mount Pedestal works in all vehicles, using horizontal vent louvers. This mount will allow you to turn your receiver left, right, or rotate 360°.

If this universal 4-hole pattern is visible on the back of your device cradle, it is compatible with the SR mount series.